19 Essential Secrets of Entrepreneurship

You Call the Shots by Cameron Johnson

01. Put yourself out there.

02. Start small.

03. Make your money work for you.

04. Look close to home for great ideas.

05. Balance work with life.

06. Surround yourself with great people.

07. Make yourself your brand.

08. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

09. Make your own tough decisions.

10. Adapt or die.

11. Find great mentors.

12. Seek out new knowledge every day.

13. Use the power of the press.

14. Stick to your guns.

15. Get experience on the ground.

16. Never underestimate the value of your customers.

17. Creatively build on your experience.

18. Remember what it’s really all about.

19. Be the entrepreneur you want to be.

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