22 Different Kinds of Great Business

Notes from 100 Great Businesses and the Minds Behind Them by Emily Ross

01. the Crowd-Pleasers
02. Thanks for the Idea
03. The Long and Winding Road
04. Do What You Love
05. Thanks for Nothing: The Founders Who Missed out on the Billions
06. Extreme Makeovers
07. The Revolutionaries
08. It Didn’t Happen Overnight, BUT It Did Happen
09. That’s What I Wanted, I Just Didn’t Know It
10. Survival of the Fittest
11. Born to Sell
12. Me, Myself, and I
13. I Want to Be Alone: the Greta Garbos of Business
14. Ah, That’s How You Do It
15. Image Is Everything
16. The Business Daredevils
17. The Lennon & McCartney Duos
18. Funky, Inc
19. From Hippy to Hip
20. Beware of Cheap Imitations
21. No Experience Necessary
22. And Now for Something Completely Different

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