24 Lessons from Colin Powell, Battle-Proven Leader

Notes from The Powell Principles by Oren Harari

01. Promote a clash of ideas : Don’t encourage sycophants.
02. Be prepared to piss people off : Don’t placate everyone.
03. Establish trust : Don’t establish your authority.
04. Walk the talk : Don’t talk a good name.
05. Pick the right people : Don’t pick people with resumes.
06. Listen : Don’t lecture.
07. Be vigilant in details : Don’t stick to the big picture.
08. Be a disorganizer : Don’t let sleeping dogs lie.
09. Check your ego at the door : Don’t follow your ego.
10. Let change lead growth : Don’t defend your base.
11. Seek consensus (but don’t be ruled by it) : Don’t rule by decree.
12. Fit no stereotypes : Don’t chase the trends.
13. Simplify : Don’t complicate.
14. Let situation dictate strategy : Don’t respond by the book.
15. Push the envelope : Don’t coast.
16. Close with the enemy : Don’t hedge your bets.
17. View people as partners : Don’t view people as instruments.
18. Challenge the pros : Don’t pay deference to the pros.
19. Don’t rely on charts and titles : Don’t lean on hierarchy.
20. Trust those in the trenches : Don’t trust the inner circle.
21. Make optimism a top priority : Don’t manage enthusiasm.
22. Have fun in your command : Don’t take yourself seriously.
23. Strive for balance : Don’t live to work.
24. Prepare to be lonely : Don’t expect camaraderie.

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