25 Keys to Selling Your Products

Notes from Sales & Marketing by Michael A Kamins

01. The need to understand the complexity of marketing.
02. Positioning and why it is important in guiding marketing strategy.
03. Why the job of the marketing manager is key to the success of the firm.
04. Understanding why knowledge of the marketing environment contributes to a firm’s success.
05. Managing demand states.
06. Why a lack of marketing research means “flying blind.”
07. A guide for the marketing manager’s involvement in the research process.
08. The importance of understanding the consumer. Part 1.
09. The importance of understanding the consumer. Part 2.
10. Why selling to the entire market may not be a good idea.
11. How to generate repeat purchases.
12. Establishing a brand name is a key strategic advantage.
13. The inherent advantage of the pioneer brand.
14. How can the follower brand compete?
15. Can new products give new life to companies?
16. Issues relating to effective product strategy.
17. Pricing could be tricky. What should I charge?
18. Effective ways to promote your product.
19. Advertising as a promotional tool.
20. Distribution as an effective component of marketing strategy.
21. How to effectively integrate the 4 P’s of marketing.
22. International marketing as a potential focus of the company.
23. Case Study: A marketing success story.
24. Case Study: A marketing challenge.
25. Future directions of marketing strategies.

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