29 Common Myths About Hiring

Notes from Job Search Solution by Tony Beshara

01. Hiring authorities and companies really know what they’re doing when it comes to hiring.
02. Companies approach hiring with common sense, logic, and good business acumen and consistency.
03. The human-resource department streamlines the hiring process.
04. I can find a job on the internet.
05. There is a time formula for finding a job.
06. You can find your dream job.
07. I’ve paid my dues, so now someone will pay me what I’m really worth.
08. Since I’m looking for a job anyway, this is probably a good time to change careers.
09. If I change jobs, I need to make more money.
10. An MBA or graduate degree makes me a better candidate.
11. The most qualified candidate gets the job.
12. I know I’m good; just get me in front of them.
13. Interviewing and hiring is a two-way street.
14. Offshoring and outsourcing are killing jobs in America.
15. If you’re really good, people will want to hire you and you will always have a job.
16. I want to find the last job or company for the rest of my career so I’ll never have to change jobs again.
17. I know the market for my skills.
18. Networking is the only way to go.
19. Being employed while looking for a job gives a person leverage.
20. I’ll ‘stick my toe in the water’ and casually look for a job, just to see what’s out there.
21. If I’m recruited, they have to sell me. After all, I’m not looking for a job.
22. When companies ‘stroke’ you, they’re signaling that you’ve got the job.
23. Big companies have more security; I can be more effective in smaller firm.
24. It’s not what you know, but whom you know.
25. I asked around and got great advice from XYZ about the kind of job I should take.
26. I changed jobs a few years ago, so I know what I’m doing.
27. Finding a good job is more luck than anything else.
28. I’m too shy to thrust myself at a prospective employer.
29. I don’t want a job like the last one; I really got burned.

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