The 10 Secrets No One Will Tell You About Leaders and What They Really Think

Notes from The Taboos of Leadership by Anthony F Smith

01. We know what leadership looks like (but we don’t know what it takes)
02. Charisma shouldn’t make a difference (but it does)
03. Real leaders don’t play politics (they take it very seriously)
04. Women make better leaders (when that’s what they really want to do)
05. The double standard is for cavemen (and the corner office)
06. Thou shalt not play favorites with friends and family (except when it make a lot of sense)
07. A leader’s fundamental duty is to groom a successor (but it hurts like hell)
08. Leaders need to demonstrate work-life balance (no problem; work is their life)
09. Blatant self-interest is dangerous (in followers, not leaders)
10. It’s lonely at the top (but leaders wouldn’t have it any other way)

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