The 12 Universal Laws of Power Persuasion

Notes from Maximum Influence by Kurt W Mortensen

01. The law of dissonance : internal pressure is the secret.
02. The law of obligation : how to get anyone to do a favor for you.
03. The law of connectivity : contagious cooperation.
04. The law of social validation : the art of social pressure.
05. The law of scarcity : get anyone to take immediate action.
06. The law of verbal packaging : the leverage of language.
07. The law of contrast : how to create extra value.
08. The law of expectations : the impact of suggestion.
09. The law of involvement : create and awaken curiosity.
10. The law of esteem : how praise releases energy.
11. The law of association : create the climate.
12. The law of balance : logical mind vs. emotional heart.

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