Top Twenty Tips on Writing Nonfiction

Notes from Author 101 Bestselling Nonfiction by Rick Frishman

01. Write with passion.
02. If you don’t love the act of writing, consider having someone else do it.
03. Be disciplined.
04. Take on projects that stimulate you and push you in exciting new ways.
05. Early on, develop a thick, entrepreneurial skin with regard to writing.
06. You can’t go with anyone else’s writing schedule or approach.
07. The gatekeepers who work in publishing may have little imagination.
08. Be cooperative, meet every deadline, be easy to work with, and promptly do what is asked; in fact, when possible, do more.
09. Be accessible.
10. Write nonfiction that is as exciting as alive as fiction.
11. Look at the bigger picture, not just in terms of this one book.
12. Produce top-quality books, nothing less.
13. Keep at it and persevere.
14. Don’t try to write the perfect first draft.
15. When you’re writing, don’t read books by your direct competitors in the genre in which you’re writing.
16. Don’t try to be all things to all people.
17. Don’t take yourself too seriously, or it will come through in your writing.
18. Find a supportive individual for your writing.
19. Reward yourself for your accomplishments.
20. Believe in the success and salability of your book, and keep trying to make it better.

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